Mixtape of the Unsaid

JS Belote s Mixtape of the Unsaid is the first title to be presented in Edwin E. Smith Publishing s Emerging Authors Series. The poems of J.S. Belote are lean, gracefully hewn, and above all able to extract the surreal from the quotidian with refreshing naturalness and urgency. These are haunting lyrics of dazzling promise. -David Wojahn

In stripped-down language braced with tensile emotional strength, J. S. Belote traverses the landscape of love and loss in Mixtape of the Unsaid, his first collection of poems. Whether speaking to seagulls of Nietzsche or meditating on the presence of absence in an empty red dress, these delicate and exacting meditative elegies resist both lament and hope in favor of reverence. Embracing emotionally associative connections in poems that create truth beyond memory, beyond the intellectual, the collection neither speaks about the world nor imitates it; rather the poems embody life s most authentic moments even as death stares on with eyes yellow and hollow. A serious and ambitious first collection, Belote s eye turns toward a world he names in startlingly fresh imagery, giving us work perfectly poised in the language of being. -Virginia Slachman

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